Open Spirit


Open Spirit: meet what’s been denied in you.

This workshop gives you an opportunity to examine, explore, express, experience and embody your sexuality in a safe and respectful space.
Our sexuality is a part of us that is often judged, shamed, creates confusion and/or is denied. So much around our sexuality has become distorted through religious and moral beliefs that the ‘naturalness’ of how we feel inside has been lost.

In this workshop, we will come out of hiding so that we can embrace and heal our relationship with our sexuality.

The work is done in a sacred, safe space, held in confidentiality, with absolute love and respect.



What you’ll learn and rediscover:

  • Exploring the Spirit of Your Sensuality
  • Coming out of hiding
  • Standing in Your full Aliveness
  • Expression of Authentic Self
  • Respecting & Honouring Boundaries
  • Healing Shame & Humiliation
  • Listening & Trusting Intuition
  • Deepening Connections
  • Trusting Yourself



“Inspiring. Delicate. Powerful. Each of us, unique in this journey together, and yet, I’ve never felt so taken care of and so loved in an atmosphere of deep respect and devotion. Praful & Rupda help guide you and their approach is inspiring, delicate and powerful”.


“Do it. If there’s one workshop you do this year, to this one. Why? Because everything you will learn about your sexuality, your sensitivity, your vulnerability, you will discover during these days. It has created such a deep intimacy in my life both with myself and with my partner, and gave me my Professional and aliveness back. Thank you!”



Praful & Rupda, have a long history of producing a broad range of workshops and events that are offered worldwide..

This is the first workshop which both Praful & Rupda have created together and they are excited to bring this work to you.




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